Sami and Izzie

Whistler, Canada raised, Sami has always had a passion for being outdoors, active and heathy. Yoga has been a part of her life since 2004 and she truly believes in the transformative power that it can have. She believes that with this practice you will attract a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life and her goal is to share this with all of her students. She combines her love of surfing, travel and adventure with her traditional yoga trainings to create fluid flows that open and strengthen the body, empower the mind, and uplift the spirit. You will find her always with a smile on her face, excited for the next adventure, and always looking for people to join her!

500hr RYT

100hr Therapeutics

70hr YIN

Izzy loves to say that she works in the “Business of Bodies” - From years of experience as a Yoga Instructor, Remedial Therapist and an overall health enthusiast you will leave her classes feeling supported, educated and Inspired to create a better relationship between yourself and your body. 


She is well known for her dedication to her Ashtanga practice and her raw and powerful Vinyasa Classes. 


What you can expect is correct alignment, strength, movement, funky flows, build up of crazy poses and much laughter to follow ... 

The Cashew Tree 


My name is Karina. I work in fashion, social media and marketing specifically. I love yoga because it brings me a sense of freedom, peace, and connection. I am so excited to be attending Seafolk Retreat in Bali! Having the opportunity to totally unplug, spend a week moving my body and bringing stillness to my mind (not to mention the stunning location, amazing food and people) is my ideal break from crazy Sydney life. I have practised with Izzy in the past and cannot wait to absorb more of her wisdom!